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From the late 40’s thru the 50’s, advancements in mowing equipment, agricultural fertilizer, and control products to grow/protect our food supply gave birth to our lawn care industry and has grown like a “weed” ever since!

Grass was, and still is, the fastest and least expensive way to stabilize the soil surrounding our homes and business areas. It “frames” both our buildings and our landscaping. Grass provides a relaxing environment to enjoy for our children, pets, and cook-outs – or to put our pools into.

Like anything that’s popular it has had both proponents and opponents from the beginning. Most see a maintained lawn condition as part of the improvements in the value of their home; a yard was upgraded to a lawn, a gravel drive was upgraded to a paved drive etc. A TRUE LAWN condition provides a whole host of improvements, only one of which is a reduction in weeds (reduced pollen, especially if family members have allergies or asthma).

A TRUE lawn condition is a great area to walk bare-foot in, or just pleasing and relaxing to be around.

Some saw a maintained lawn as another “Keeping up with the Jones." Some saw lawn/tree control products as a small step to support their political agenda.

Bottom line, lawn products found at retail have always been heavily marketed as “loss-lenders,” with the concept that “anyone, even a cave-man, can do it!"

Lawns, like golf, have proven it takes more than buying the equipment and/or products to be another Ben Hogan. You need far more than a general knowledge on the subject to become another Tiger Woods.

Lawn-A-Mat is looking for accounts who wish to work with us to protect and/or improve their lawn condition. To learn what we’re doing and WHY we’re doing it.

Our business is not rocket science, but it is science with a high degree of common sense thrown in.

Remember, a beautiful turf condition “IS MAN-MADE” and maintained. It also can be the most ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY condition for the largest area of your property you care for! 

TractorLawn-A-Mat 50 Years and Still Growing
Gerry, "Syracuse's Grass Guru," over 50 years ago (notice the full head of hair!) driving the 1960 model Lawn-A-Mat equipment used throughout the Northeast and Canada at the time.



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