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Creeping Charlie


Welcome to the world of ground ivy - that's Creeping Charlie around here.

Understanding Creeping Charlie, goes a long way in understanding, why it’s so hard
for most to control.

  1.  Creeping Charlie goes into flower (producing seed for future plants) Late April through  Mid May in our area, EVERY YEAR, adding to the “weed seed bank” in your soil.

  2. NYS has not registered, pre-emergent broadleaf weed control products, that have been on the market for over 20 years in most, if not all the other 49 states. Without the ability to control with a pre - emergent application (stoping the seed from becoming a new plant), your forced to treat the actively growing plants throughout the growing season - rather than only one or two applications annually.

  3. For it’s protection, Creeping Charlie forms a waxy barrier that can grow thicker as the growing environment becomes hotter or drier, or both. That makes your liquid weed controls bead up and literally roll off the plant. Granular products can actually bounce of this barrier (that’s why the application directions are for when the leaves are damp - so they’ll “stick”). There are very few weed control products around anymore that work by root uptake, therefore making it harder to address these problems.

  4. Adding to the above, not only do we have seed production spreading the plants, Creeping Charlie is also spread vegetatively - every time you pull the weeds out, and especially, every time you mow your lawn! In fact, your lawn mower is the prime reason you keep getting small, new patches of growth, almost annually. It really isn’t your neighbors fault - but it makes us feel better feeling that way!

  5. Are there Professional weed control products that really work on Creeping Charlie? YES - THERE ARE! With all the “red tape” with bringing new control products to market, Specialty products for control of Wild Violet, Clover, Veronica and Creeping Charlie are quite expensive. That’s why you will find them in a diluted formulation, if you can find them at all, on the retail shelf. All legally registered NYS Lawn Care Companies can purchase and use these products. If they don’t - WHY NOT? - cost!

In their defense - it’s hard to charge you extra because you have a Creeping Charlie 
or Wild Violet problem! So they do the best they can within the framework of their 
Business model. This may result, in you actually paying for the same “weed control
results”, that you could have done yourself! 

As you know, Veronica, Clover, Creeping Charlie, and Wild Violet, can actually form a weed canopy. That means, the grass is mostly hidden by the weeds.

Creeping Charlie

Lawn-A-Mat can usually reverse your weed canopy back toward a grass canopy within 10 - 14 days, with obvious results within 5 - 7 days from application. Lawn-A-Mat is often teased, by new accounts, as using “magic juice”, due to the results achieved.

You be the judge - our applications are targeted - applied only where the weeds are - NOT the entire lawn sprayed at each application (known as a “Blanket Application”).

Product dries usually within 3 minutes, so pets and children can reuse and lawn can be mowed, if that’s what you were planning to do that day.
Simply put, you will see up to 90% reduction of weed control product used, and still get 90 - 95% control of your broadleaf weeds - including Creeping Charlie -
even within/along your lawn edges!

It’s not magic, we know how many treatments are needed, what to use and when. Accordingly, your paying a fair price, reflecting product/service and results received.

Lawn-A-Mat Accounts are happy to have these products as their main weed control materials, AND the rate of renewals is solid proof, they’re happy with the results/cost.
For a set price and time frame of one growing season - let us use the right products only where/when needed, applied professionally, so you can get the results YOU’VE were looking for.

By the way - don’t worry about up sale phone calls - WE DON’T DO THEM and WE DON’T HAVE AUTOMATIC RENEWALS IN OUR AGREEMENT - DON’T NEED THEM -

Contact Syracuse’s Grass Guru at Lawn-A-Mat, request a no obligation estimate, see if you’d like to work with us, turning your weedy yard condition, back to a Lawn Condition, again.

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