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Fall Lawn Tips


Spring seeding results seldom can be found 4/5 months down the road! “Fall” seeding  is the “lazy man’s” seeding - “OK, so I have large areas of brown grass most of the summer - a little rain and I’m back in business!” On average, that lawn seldom gets seeded until the last half of Sept. - mid Oct. Ground temperature is warm enough for slow germination BUT - our first killing frost is usually around main leaf fall - 10/21 of each year - they don’t call it a KILLING FROST for nothing! Two best times for SEEDING ESTABLISHMENT are in order: the first 10 days of AUGUST, if you wish to see your establishment/results the season of seeding, followed by the week FOLLOWING THANKSGIVING - if you don’t wish to do any watering. This method is called “Dormant” seeding. It comes up the next Spring AFTER the soil temp raises above 50 - 55 degrees. Normal Spring rains are usually good enough, but I’d always, when using this method, reseed again the following late Nov. Call or contact me for details. This may sound crazy to you - but that’s our experience in Onondaga County for over 50 years - you do it your way if you wish, we’ll do what works!

The type of grass, rate, soil prep, how to use your spreader (no kidding) as well as other tips - give me a call around mid July so you have the time to properly prepare.              


This is common sense - the less you put your grass under stress, the healthier it is - the same goes for us! Our accounts do receive a written guide for both throughout the growing season; but, honestly, it boils down to this - mow high and frequent enough not to remove more than one inch of blade at the time of each mowing. Your results will deviate as you “move away” from this simple guide.  This is a simple overview – call or contact if you wish more detailed info.


Look for your wheel marks/foot prints when mowing to begin your watering (in the areas you wish to maintain the highest quality). Only apply enough water to replace what was used on a weekly basis. You can even reduce your watering to only once a month during the stress times as long as you’re willing to both accept a little thinning and are willing to reseed during August. Again, this is a simple overview. Call or contact if you wish more detailed information 

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