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Late Summer/Early Fall Grass Tips

Crab Grass
Mature Crab Grass

Mature crabgrass is very easy to find RIGHT NOW! Those who have not experienced much crabgrass in the recent past may not be so lucky this year.

Lawn-A-Mat has post crabgrass controls that work as late as mid-August AND WON'T HARM YOUR TURF GRASS! Our pre-emergent crabgrass program works so well you may only need to repeat every 3 to 5 years, even highly infested lawns.

REMEMBER: Improperly mowing or watering ENHANCES summer weeds and crabgrasses AND DISCOURAGES a healthy grass condition!


chinchbug-2 (1)

Adult Chinchbug is about the size of an ant. It DOES NOT harm your grass, but it does fly and deposit eggs throughout your lawn and neighborhood. They are a surface insect and feed on the grass stems, NOT the roots — BY THE MILLIONS!

In our area, Chinchbugs KILL large sunny areas during the summer.

Most lawenowners don't spot the damage until it's too late...WHY?

1. Damage occures during the hot days of summer. We historically don't pay that much attention to the lawn then, as we do in Spring and Fall.

2. The damage is both spotty and looks like a normal summer drought condition. Damage may be first noticed eary to mid September when it's too late for best re-establishment/repair of your turf.

Call us to find out where and how to spot this pest BEFORE much damage is done. The best pervention is learning the pest cycle and how to "scout" for it — NOT applying insecticide every year!

Should we notify you that your lawn has Chinchbugs,

Get control of your lawn.

Start by giving us a call or contact us through the web, and after an initial lawn analysis we'll develop a plan of action to address some of those re-occurring lawn problems.

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