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Proper Lawn Attention Starts in August... The Sooner — The Better!

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Timing is everything in life — even with our lawns!

Weather conditions that are ideal today can quickly become a waste of time, material, and money when addressed "next week"!


Problems that need to be addressed from early August and on for best long term results:

  • Crabgrass: This years seed crop, then address the seed already in the soil.
  • Chinchbug/Chinchbug Damage
  • Sodweb worm: The larvae stage of your white moths when you mow, and Army Worms.
  • ALL Broadleaf Weeds: If any flowered during the summer months "clean" them up BEFORE Creeping Charlie and Wild Violet grow like crazy this Fall.
  • Fertility Issues: Use a slow-release product with WIN (water insoluble nitrogen) on the label
  • Seeding: For establishment this year, the earlier in August the better.
  • Grub Count: It's an easy do-it-yourself. STOP wasting money on unneeded insecticides and beetle traps. The "easy way out" always costs you more.
  • "Wild grasses": Such as bentgrass and nimblewill. DON'T AERATE YOUR LAWN if you have these grasses in them — you'll only spread them. Most lawns DO NOT BENEFIT FROM AERATION!
  • Lawn Disease: Rust/pink patch/red thread (Rye/Fescue)/powdery mildew (kentucky Blue)
  • Correct mowing issues BEFORE strong regrowth returns in September.
NOW you understand why so many lawnowners take the summer "off" and then wonder why they not only have the same problems each year, but they get worse, and then they give up, or just throw some generic weed/feed along with some seed at the lawn.

Not that that's all a bad thing — it's helped keep us in business for over 50 years!


NOTE: While Lawn Care control products do have their place in our environment, there are common sense steps that should be taken:

1. Identify the "pest" and know the pest life cycle and threshold density

2. Find the control product to use (you only have retail products to choose from)

3. Determine the area(s) needing treatment (seldom does the entire lawn need grub/weed/crabgrass controls, etc.)

4. READ THE LABEL — Observe the precautions for BEFORE, during, and after treatment


The above was submitted by Gerry Rubenstein, "Syracuse's Grass Guru".
These Tips are based on his 53 years of local Lawn Care experience.
Gerry has been the owner of Lawn-A-Mat of Syracuse Inc. for over 50 years.

Get control of your lawn.

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