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"Fall" Seeding: Do you know when that is?


The very best grass establishment starts with a proper "Fall" reseeding — period!*

* (IF you want your results THIS growing season)

But when does "Fall" start? (hint: it's NOT Sept. 21st!) it start:

1. When the night temps start to go down into the 50's again.

2. When "Lake Effect Clouds" start to appear again.

3. When the early morning dews get so heavy you wouldn't want to walk through your lawn with good shoes on!

In other words, around August 1st to the 5th you want the ground at the HOTTEST OF THE YEAR, with SEEDLING GROWTH started before State Fair week.

By Sept. 1st the weather conditions: soil temp, length of day/light, length of high air temp, and rainfall, have all changed.

REMEMBER: The hotter the temp — the faster the germination. The cooler the temp — the SLOWER your germination.


You need to know:

  • Can/will you be able to water from the day the seed is properly applied?
  • What kind of seed should you use? Most seed prices are about the same. Make sure to get FRESH seed, look for a recent test date, and NO Kentucky Bluegrass (information is on the label).
  • How much do you need in total? How much per 1,000/sq ft?
  • How do you calibrate your spreader? Do you have a drop or broadcast spreader? Do they both work the same? NO they dont!
  • Do you really need an aerator or some other powered equipment?
  • Do you really need top soil? What are the pros and cons of using top soil?
  • Why must you apply 1" of water right after applying seed (seed coat?)
  • What does "dragging" your lawn mean?
  • How many applications of seed should be applied? Are the rates the same?
  • What are the date(s) of application?
  • Do you ALWAYS have to water or keep the seed wet? What if you are on well water, have a large area, and can't physically do watering?

And the BIG one:

"My grass came up nice and thick and then it died — lousy seed?" The answer is NO!


Now you're starting to see some of the questions that go through the mind of a professional BEFORE the 1st pound of seed goes down.

This is why the cost of a seeding program is not the retail cost of the seed, and why most commercial operations do "installations" and not seeding programs — we ONLY do seeding programs!

 Got about a 1/2 hour and one of our accounts? We'll answer all the above and a whole lot more — FOR FREE, if you wish to do it for the cost of the seed, or quote you a price for a seeding program. We've been upgrading lawns throughout Onondaga County for OVER 50 years — must be doing something right!

Missed the proper start date? Then set up next years work NOW — AT THIS YEARS PRICE!

Call Gerry now at (315) 682-1002. I'll walk you through the process, one step at a time.

Thank you


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