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Spring Grub Control Tips

  • To greatly reduce to possibility of summer feeding damage, as well as fall damage to your grass, stop using beetle traps - they really don't work!

  • Beetle traps attract far more beetles into your environment than would normally be there. This, in turn, creates even more potential feeding beetles and grass damage from grubs next year.

  • Do take grub counts. Pull back a one foot by one foot section of your lawn where you suspect grub damage and count the number of grubs found within the top 1-2 inches of soil, and the root zone.  3-5 grubs per square foot is normal – no need to apply grub controls. Grubs seldom cause much damage in spring as there is such a small window of active feeding. Take random samples, especially where you saw beetle activity during last summer.

  • Never apply grub controls without following the above steps first. Onondaga County has seen very little lawn damage caused by feeding grubs in over 20 years! Most lawn damage is due to skunks, black birds (crows/starlings) or raccoons feeding on earthworms. Grub controls, when applied correctly do not harm earthworms. Therefore, grub control applications under most circumstances are a waste of time, material and money.

  • When buying new landscape plants check not only if deer enjoy feeding on them, but if they will attract feeding beetles!

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