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Program Upgrade

Solving the Problem of NITROGEN LOSS

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 Benefits of UMAXX:


  • Intended for turf uses where repeat applications may not be feasible or desired.
  • Produces long lasting emerald green color for up to 16 weeks without causing excess growth or burn.
  • Performs consistently regardless of soil temperature or weather. UMAXX melts into soil profile during heavy rain, instead of floating away.
  • Performs as a granular nitrogen component in blends, or as a soluble nitrogen source in typical tank mixes.
  • Melts into the soil below mowing height to eliminate nitrogen loss due to mower pick-up.

UMAXX better than "organic"? I think so - see below


  1. Greatly Reduce the potential for "off site" movement.
  2. Reduce excessive mowing - ("surge growth").
  3. Great color - LONGER color - (with proper care).
  4. COSTS LESS than our previous "slow release" products
  5. We’ve been using UMAXX for many, many years now - with great results! - Gerry

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